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For hardware, software, hardware + software:
1. DHL Worlwide Express* ( /It is the fastest courier. Duration 4-5 days. You can track each package./
2. FedEx Federal Express* ( /It is fast courier. Duration 2-3 days. You can track each package./
3. Regular Air Mail* /Ordinary air mail. Duration 2-3 weeks./
4. Other Methods /Contact me if you want me to send by other courier./

* -  Shipment every week on Fridays !

Delivery cost depends on destination country and chosen delivery option.

Payment metods/delivery:
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How to buy?

- Buy online with credit/debit card:...................Go to CDMA-Shop and place order (or click "PAY" button).
- BankTransfer/WireTransfer (from any bank):...... Bank account details for payment.
- Western Union ( E-mail me for get details of payment.
- MoneyGram  ( E-mail me for get details of payment.
- Other methods:........................................... e-mail me for your ideas.

Payment methods:
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